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Table 1 Summarized composition of the number of images on the BreakHis set

From: Fractal dimension analysis as an easy computational approach to improve breast cancer histopathological diagnosis

  BreakHis (40x and 400x)
Benign Malignant
Adenosis Fibroadenoma Tubular Adenoma Phyllodes Tumor Ductal Carcinoma Lobular Carcinoma Mucinous Carcinoma Papillary Carcinoma
  114 (40x)/106 (400x) 253 (40x)/237 (400x) 109 (40x)/115 (400x) 149 (40x)/130 (400x) 864 (40x)/788 (400x) 156 (40x)/ 137 (400x) 205 (40x)/ 169 (400x) 145 (40x)/ 138 (400x)
Total 625 (40x)/588 (400x) 1370 (40x)/1232 (400x)